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ASTA is a Federal organisation, comprised of eight State/Territory Science Teachers Associations (STAs). Individual members join the State or Territory Association where they reside. This membership includes primary, secondary and tertiary teachers of science as well as policy makers and educators in other areas linked to science education.

Benefits of membership include:

Access to events and activities

ASTA and the STAs staging forums and events to promote informed debate on school science education. As well as providing opportunities for professional development and networking, these activities help to link science teachers with businesses, academic institutions and professional associations.

You can find out more about our activities in the Programs section of this website. 


ASTA promotes science education through interaction with:

  • Ministers and government departments;
  • Peak science community bodies such as the Australian Academy of Science;
  • Universities;
  • Business and industry organisations;
  • International science teacher associations; and
  • the general community

Professional Development

ASTA offers professional development for science educators by providing:

  • opportunities for teachers to participate in national in-service programs and projects, both face to face and online;
  • an annual conference, CONASTA;
  • advice on resources, teaching methods and curriculum; and
  • opportunities for teachers to participate as consultants in government reviews at Federal/State/Territory levels; as well as for industry.
ASTA is finalising the development of Australia's largest online learining community for school science educators 'Chrysalis'. Chrysalis heralds a new approach for ASTA by bringing professional learning opportunities and the benefits of community, directly to educators. 

Resources, Publications, Briefings 

ASTA members receive regular briefings about activities and awards available for Australian students and teachers. They are kept informed through professional journals and publications, such as Teaching Science, ASTA's quarterly peer-reviewed journal, which members are automatically subscribed to as part of their membership. For information, visit our Resources and Publications page.


ASTA helps to encourage excellence in science teaching. A number of awards are given to assist in promotion and extension of teaching excellence. ASTA also provides the National Professional Standards for Highly Accomplished Teachers of Science. This document is available from the Resources and Publications section of our website.

How to Join

Membership of state and territory Science Teacher Associations automatically confers membership of ASTA. Contact your nearest state branch for further membership information. For a list of state and territory Science Teacher Associations click here.

Non-members can still subscribe to ASTA's quarterly journal, Teaching Science, and make use of some of our resources and publications. For information, visit our Teaching Science page.

ASTA Life Members

ASTA is proud to acknowledge the following individuals as Life Members, in recognition of their generous and ongoing contributions to ASTA and to science education in Australia.

  • Hugh McKnight
  • Roy Stanhope
  • Frank Olsen
  • Lance Strickland
  • Cec Burr
  • Ruth Dircks
  • Ian D’Arcy Walsh
  • John Anderton
  • Jim Hawes
  • Murray Yaxley
  • Marj Colvill
  • Robin Groves
  • Anne Semple
  • Robert Morton
  • Debra Smith
  • Jane Wright