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Bush Blitz TeachLive Henbury Station 14-21 May 2013

Posted 13 May 2013 by System Administrator (Latest News)

The five successful teacher applicants to the inaugural Bush Blitz TeachLive are about to embark on their 8-day survey at Henbury Station, 130 Km south of Alice Springs. Whilst in the field they will 'teach live' back to their classes and contribute to the live content management of the Bush Blitz TeachLive website. Each teacher has developed a sequence of lessons that can be viewed on the website 

Take a minute to look at the website to see how much work the teachers have done in developing lesson plans for their classes. 

Mady Colquhoun from Armadale PS in WA writes of her anticipation of particpating inthe Bush Blitz TeachLive program:

Hi everyone - I am incredibly privileged – not to mention very excited – to be heading to the outback near Alice Springs this weekend to join the Bush Blitz Teachlive field program.  I have been selected, along with 4 other teachers from all over Australia, to work alongside a range of biological scientists who are surveying the plants and animals who make the desert their home. 

We will be living and working on Henbury Station about an hour and a half from Alice Springs.

Accommodation will be swags and tents with deliciously hot solar showers.  The Finke River runs through the former cattle property and supports a diverse life. Days will be long – sometimes requiring helicopters to transport us to sites as the station is huge! We will be setting up pit traps, Elliot traps and using a variety of other methods to collect and then identify reptiles, spiders, snails, moths, true bugs, fish, plants and mammals.  At night we will be sorting, identifying and storing specimens and sometimes going back out in the field to observe or collect nocturnal species.

I will be linked to my Science students at Armadale Primary School via the website in the FORUM where students can ask me (or the scientists) questions about the important taxonomic and conservation work being carried out. I will also be writing a daily blog (listed as HIGHLIGHTS on the website) including photos of what we find. I have also developed lessons for my Year 5 and 7 classes based on the conservation and adaptation concepts of the program. These are also on the website. 

I invite you and your students to jump on the website and follow my adventure! You and your class are welcome to email questions in via the forum. No need to identify individuals fully - just include a first name and year level so I can answer at an appropriate level. I will do my best to answer all questions – between all the other activities we will be undertaking!

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and learning about the sensational plants and animals which are adapted to living in these harsh conditions.

Mady Colquhoun

Science Specialist

Armadale Primary School, WA


I sincerely acknowledge the wonderful organisations that are the core supporters of this opportunity:

  • Bush Blitz is a government sponsored program to identify our native wildlife in different environments with the view to assisting future conservation programs.
  • Earthwatch Institute is an independent, non-profit environmental organization. Their mission is to engage people worldwide in scientific research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. Earthwatch gives people the opportunity to be involved in scientific conservation research by becoming a member of a research team.
  • ASTA also supported the program by coordinating the application and selection process.