CONASTA 69 - Canberra, ACT


We regret to inform you that CONASTA 69 must be cancelled until further notice. 

Registrants, please check your emails for updates. 

Canberra is the place to reveal all things science...

Conasta Flyer

We would like to invite you to participate in CONASTA 69, the annual science education conference of the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA). In 2021 CONASTA will be hosted by the Science Educators Association of the ACT (SEA*ACT) from 26–29 September.

The CONASTA 69 theme of \'Science Revealed\' has been chosen to showcase all that Canberra has to offer as a science City.

As the major science education event in Australia, CONASTA has a strong reputation for offering high quality and stimulating professional learning experiences for science teachers, school laboratory technicians/managers and others with an interest in science education. Our delegates include representatives from all Australian states and territories, government and non-government schools, all years of schooling and from metropolitan, rural and remote locations.

For more details about CONASTA 69 in Canberra, please visit SEAACT's website.

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